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About Me (pictured, above, with pug)

I am a PhD Student currently living & reading in the heartland (i.e. Ohio), where I share a home with a tiny pug (pictured above) and a not-so-tiny viking (not pictured). In my academic life, I work on feminist activist archives from the 90s and I write about stuff like comics, zines, vhs chainletters, paper that’s been run through the xerox machine one too many times, and the odd friendship bracelet. in my non-academic life, I collect death metal t shirts, tweet about things that don’t matter, go to the movies too often, and dream of my collection of horror manga (it doesn’t exist yet, but I dream of it).

About Trash Queens

Trash Queens came about from:

  1. A deep, abiding love of comics made by women and girls, who often draw upon those culturally “low” references/influences (the crying, pill poppin girls of Valley of the Dolls, B-Movie camp, girl Internet culture, etc. etc.),  serious art left in the gutter
  2. A friend telling me that I wrote about “cool girly trash” in my academic life
  3. A friend making me a banner that read “trash queen” (hi, m.b. love u.)
  4. the SONG of 2015, Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen”?

I write about and review comics by women and girls, aiming to do some small part in getting these artists the recognition they deserve. I am always looking for new comics, mini comics, zines, “graphic novels”, illustrations, what have you, by women and girls to review so send me your stuff!

I can be reached by email at rachelrm2012@gmail.com. Find me on twitter & IG @girlgutters. Love u.



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